Why National CapRates.com?

There are a number of good sources for commercial property capitalization rates.  Some of our favorites are listed below.

As appraisers we believe that the local sales are the best place to start. As a support source we found ourself wading through reams of pdf reports looking for the best data to fit the property. We wanted something that we could quickly (say in under 60 seconds) log-in track-down and cut-and-paste to our reports. Not finding it, we decided to build our own.

While technologically not possible just a few short years ago, today it is. So we went out and assembled a team to gather the data and develop a point-and-click distribution method, all at a reasonable cost.

The other sources of similar information listed below are highly recommended. They may also include additional information such as vacancy, discount rates and rents. If you know of other good data source, we would love to add them to our list. 

In the meantime, please add NationalCapRates.com© to your list of commercial property capitalization rate sources.  


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CBRE Cap Rate

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Real Capital Analytics


Marcus & Millicap

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