Coverage areas

 There are over 72,000 data points on the graphs covering 45 geographical areas, three property classes of 27 property types over 5 years. This includes the Nationwide data and:

 Eastern US 

Atlanta * Baltimore * Boston *  Charlotte * Jacksonville * Memphis * Miami * Nashville * NYC * Orlando * Philadelphia * Pittsburgh * Raleigh * Tampa * Washington DC

Central US  

Austin * Chicago * Cincinnati * Cleveland * Columbus * Dallas * Detroit * Houston * Indianapolis * Kansas City * Minneapolis * Oklahoma City * San Antonio * Saint Louis

Western US

Albuquerque * Denver * Los Angeles * Las Vegas * Orange County (LA) * Phoenix  * Salt Lake City * San Diego * San Francisco * Sacramento * Seattle 



What's the Cost?

1 -National Capitalization Rates only  $10/mo*

No regional and local rates. 27 property types with 3 classes each. Updated 4 time per year.


2 - National Cap Rates plus  1 Region (your choice of East/Central/West)  $15/mo*

 Everything in #1 plus your choice of the East, Central or West Regional Cap Rates. In addition to the National Cap Rates and Regional Cap Rates you also city cap rates (between 12 to 15 cities, depending on the region) with the same 27 property types and 3 classes included for each region and city. Updated 4 times per year. 

3 - National Cap Rates plus all 3 Regions  $20/mo*

 Everything in #2 plus all three regions instead of just one region. That's 45 geographical area, 27 property types, 3 classes, updated quarterly on a 5 year trend. That's over 72,000 data points all accessible within seconds.

*with an annual subscription. A monthly option is available. Click for details. 

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I was impressed with the information that National Cap Rates supplied me when other resources failed to track the asset type or market that I was researching. Their methodology and process is very impressive.

Glen Blumenthal, Philadelphia, PA

"Point and click and the cap rate information is there is seconds. Comparing property types is seamless and your data supports what my local sale search is telling me. As a commercial appraiser it is important that I have a reliable secondary source for estimating cap rates."

Larry Bloom, MAI  Scottsdale, AZ


"I love this. I love how interactive it is and that you can download the chart in different formats."

Sara Oates, Chief Appraiser, Total Appraisal Management Review (TAMR) Austin, TX




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