• Established 1988
  • Appraisals for Multi-family, Health-care, (Assisted Living, Independent Living, Nursing Care, CCRC), Affordable Housing (LIHTC), Industrial, Industrial, Retail, Office, Commercial, ROW, Land
  • Uses include Estate Tax, Estate Planning, Acquisition/Disposition, Underwriting, Portfolio. Litigation Support, Multifamily Accelerated Processing (HUD MAP)
  • Clients include Lenders, Individuals, Legal andAccounting firms, Local, State and Federal government agencies
  • Market Studies, Rental comparable studies, Capitalization Rate Studies (NationalCapRates.com)

Since 1988, we have performed real estate market research and appraisals including market studies and inspections on all types of real estate for individuals, developers, banks, savings and loans, mortgage companies, attorneys, courts, accountants, builders, contractors, and state and federal government agencies. We are committed to quality work – delivered on time. We prepare reports in all sectors of the real estate industry; however, we specialize in health care facilities (assisted living, nursing care, independent living, CCRC), multifamily residential and affordable housing market studies and appraisals.


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  Larry D. Schnepf, MAI, SRPA 

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