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Finding any MHP or Manufactured Housing Community is SIMPLE

For featured properties, you can click right through to the owners web site and get more details within seconds. If your property is not listed in our free directory, tell us about your property and we will add it today. If you want to get noticed in a crowd, for just a few bucks a month, make yours a features property. In addition to finding any MH property, the map is simple and easy to use. It is designed to allow you to buy, sell, or rent a mobile home park or modular housing community, find an agent, find a moving company, find an attorney, find financing, find an appraiser and other professionals. Other sites with similar data take you through a series of time-consuming steps to find what you want. Then, when you get there, if it’s not what you are looking for, you have to start all over again. We decided to build a better mousetrap. A simple, easy, efficient and fast way of getting you where you want to be. Your time is important. Plus, we know if you have a good experience, you will come back and visit us again. So bookmark this site. Pass it on the a friend. Discover how easy it is to Click and Zoom to the part of the country that you are interested in. You will be amazed at how easy it is. Come back often and discover new features that are planned for the site, new listings that are added and new services that are offered by leading companies around the country. See how easy it is to Find any MHP or manufactured housing community in the U.S.

Finding any Mobile Home Park or Manufactured Housing Community is FREE

It seems that the cost is always buried somewhere under several layers and by the time you get to it, quite honestly, your frustrated. That’s not the case with here, so here it is up front, on the first page. It’s FREE. Browse all you want. Take your time. Check out the links. If you want to create a premium listing for a property (or service) that you own there is a small fee ($9.95/mo). No hidden fees, no set-up charges. Keep it as long as you want. Cancel any time. 


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Finding an available Manufactured Housing Community or Mobile Home Park, Home or Lot is simple, easy and fast.  First, go to the MAP page. Next CLICK on the filter on the left side that says “MHP for Sale”, “MH for Sale” or “MH Lots for Sale”.  ZOOM to your location and CLICK on the dot to get more information. That’s it – 1, 2, 3, CLICK – ZOOM – CLICK. You can, of course, unclick the boxes you don’t want to see and quickly focus on the ones you want. Quick and Simple, a no-brainer. 


Why buying a Manufactured Housing Community or Mobile Home Park, home or lot is a good investment?

Manufactured housing communities, modular homes, land leased properties and MHP’s are one of those investment properties that you can buy and immediately start having cash flow. In the current economy, it’s is a buyer’s market. If you are creditworthy and have investment capital, there are some great mobile home park investment opportunities which have 15% plus cash on cash returns and strong cap rates of 9% plus. Tired of negative cash flow on single family homes?  Tired of low cap rates on apartments? Tired of the constant repairs and management problems? Then consider what might be one of the best kept secrets in commercial real estate… Manufactured Housing Communities and Mobile Home Parks!

Search for modular housing communities from the 1-Star trailer parks for sale to the 5-Star Land Lease community. We are new, but we are growing fast because we are easy to use, simple to navigate and affordable. Look at the MAP – IT’S FREE. To list your property for sale, the cost is $9.95 per month. Log in, fill out this form and that’s it.  

The key is the Map. With it you can quickly zoom to the neighborhood that you are looking at. Just enter an address or use the zoom bar and click on the dot for more details. You can also see a street view using the google street view feature or get an aerial view using the map/satellite button.

Once you have found the Manufactured Housing or Mobile Home property you want, whats next?

Once you’ve found your property, next comes the financing, appraisal, management, legal, etc. Check our list of professionals who are well equipped to handle you needs.



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Owner, Brokers, your welcome – list your Mobile Home Park or Manufactured Housing Community, Home or Lot today

  • If you are a broker or dealer and want to list 10 or more properties, email to find out about a bulk rate discount. Ditto for Mobile Home Lots and Rentals.


Mobile Homes and Manufactured Housing Communities are in high demand due to modest incomes and limited affordable housing options. In a recent interview with Warren Buffet (one of the largest owners of mobile home manufacturing and financing in the U.S.) he how the lack of housing options for the low income have created a demand for affordable stable housing across the country (google it). As apartment rents close in on the $800 to $1,000 per month range for 3 bedroom units, the demand for mobile homes in the $400 to $600 per month price range increases. This is the target price range for many of the mobile home parks across the country. 

To sell a manufactured housing property, maximum exposure is key to getting the most out of your property. To sell your property today – put it on the map.


Get some Professional Assistance


Get some Professional Assistance – Find a dealers, brokers, service companies, lenders, lawyers, transporter, insurance company, supplier or other professional that deals in Manufactured Housing and Mobile Home properties. Use the same Click – Zoom – Click to get the help you need fast and free. Go to the Manufactured/Mobile Home MAP now to get started.


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